A low-rez space flight simulator made for #LOWREZJAM 2016. Zoom around your own tiny solar system! Race through the hanger of an orbiting space station! Don't crash.

W/S/A/D or arrow keys: pitch and roll
Q/E: yaw
J/K: increase/decrease throttle
H: hold down to activate Fantastic Drive
P: pause / show controls

(make sure you click inside the game for focus or else the controls won't work.)

contact: nick.musurca at gmail.com (@musurca on twitter)

Technical info: Laika uses real-time raymarching inside a GLSL shader. All objects and planetary bodies are rendered using signed distance fields and fractal noise functions.

I threw it together for the jam but will continue to add features if people dig it.

Thanks to iq, nimitz, P_Malin, and others in the Shadertoy community.

REQUIREMENTS: Latest Chrome or Firefox and a modern graphics card that supports fragment shaders. If you're having trouble getting it to work, please let me know.