Two ships enter. One ship sinks!
Player 1
Player 2

Left + Right
S + F
Steer Ship
ZTabFire Left Broadside / Select
Fire Right Broadside / Back
Up + DownE + D
Navigate Menu

(gamepads also supported)

This is SINKING SHIPS, a one- or two-player fighting game about naval combat during the Napoleonic Wars, like Star Control meets Wooden Ships & Iron Men. Keep one eye on your enemy and the other on your wind-vane as you angle for the perfect position to unleash your broadside.

  • Take command of one of four “authentic” ships—Sloop, Xebec, Brigantine, or Man o’War—each with its own unique advantages and sailing characteristics.
  • Learn to sail!* Maneuver against the wind, and hold the weather-gage to defeat your opponent.
  • Play against the AI, or sink a friend(ship) in local multiplayer.
  • Fight a single engagement, or take on all comers as you vie for the high score in the endless “Survival” mode.
  • Attack by day, or clash by night using the flash of your cannon fire to illuminate your enemy.

*not actual sailing lesson. do not attempt on real boat.

code, graphics, and design by Nicholas Musurca


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What a nice game. Makes me wanting more of this.

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About the games that inspired this one: check out Broadsides from SSI (1983) on the C64, A8 and Apple II too.


I love the simplicity of the gameplay !   Instantly hooked.


Damit !  I'm still playing this.